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Field Guide to the Dragonflies of Britain and Europe

von Klaas-Douwe B Dijkstra
Taschenbuch: 320 Seiten in Englisch
Verlag: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (01)
ISBN - 0953139948


This superb new identification guide to all the dragonflies and damselflies of Britain and Europe, presented in an accessible, easy-to-use format, is the essential companion for the new generation of dragonfly watchers. Written by a team of dragonfly experts from across Europe, co-ordinated by K-D Dijkstra, and illustrated by Richard Lewington, generally accepted to be Europe's foremost illustrator of insects. The guide covers all of Europe, from the Arctic Circle to the Mediterranean Basin, including western Turkey, Cyprus, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and the Azones, Canaries and Madeira. The comprehensive texts and innovative keys and identification tables of adults of all 160 species of Odonata include field characters, hand characters, variation, behaviour, range and status, habitat and flight season, together with newly-researched distribution maps. There is also a comprehensive introduction to studying and identifying dragonflies, and a country-by-country guide to where to find them throughout Europe and North Africa and Turkey.